Client: Ohm Energy
Project: Ohm
A rebranding project. 
In early 2018, Singapore launched the Open Electricity Market (OEM), allowing households to finally be able to choose their own electricity retailer. But, during the initial launch period, the market was very saturated – with at least 24 other electricity retailers vying for consumers' attention.
That's why Buri Energy wanted to rebrand their business. They needed to stand out as a brand that was not only friendly and approachable, but also honest and trustworthy. They wanted to be a 'no bullsh*t' brand. 
And that's how "Ohm" was born. It's simple, easy to remember, and it's a word that's commonly associated with electricity. Plus, it also sounds like something one would chant during meditation – which works perfectly with the brand's new tagline, "fuss-free energy". 
As part of the rebranding project, we also created social media posts to introduce Ohm and educate Singaporeans about OEM. And we designed a brand new website for Ohm, optimising the UX/UI for a fuss-free experience. 
On top of these assets, we also produced three short social videos to further demonstrate how 'chill' Ohm is. These videos were created entirely from user-generated content, and dubbed with light-hearted dialogue to help sell the brand's promise of fuss-free energy to consumers in a funny and shareable way. 
Copywriter: Joanna Ortega​​​​​​​
Art Director: Weilun Chong
Creative Director: Jimmy Neo
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