Client: Singapore Tourism Board
Project: Savour Singapore in Every Bite
Get a taste of Singapore's unique cultural diversity through its rich and colourful food scene. ​​​​​​​
The Singapore Food Festival (SFF) is an annual affair that showcases Singapore’s diverse food culture through islandwide events. The month-long festival is designed with four types of foodies in mind: Art Addicts, Culture Cravers, Tradition Tasters and Gutsy Gourmands. These cover the four major aspects of Singapore – art, culture, tradition and innovation.
So, to show visitors that SFF is the perfect opportunity to discover more about Singapore through food, we got four local artists to each illustrate a layer on a tiffin carrier. Because a tiffin carrier, colloquially known as a 'tingkat', is synonymous with Singapore and its rich food culture. Each tier is packed with a different dish. And when the four tiers combine, they form a full meal. 
This limited-edition tiffin carrier, TingkART, is a representation of the four facets coming together to tell one Singapore story. 
Copywriter: Joanna Ortega
Art Director: Khoi Phan
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