Client: Starbucks 
Project: True To You
The ones who stay true to themselves are the ones who really stand out. 
In the Spring of 2020, Starbucks worked with legendary bridal gown designer, Vera Wang, on a line of limited-edition merchandise. The collection's designs reflected the everyday moments of Vera Wang’s life. 
Inspired by the fact that Vera Wang wears the same look no matter where she goes, we created a campaign to celebrate those who aren't afraid to be themselves – even in a world that's all about facades. 
To bring the idea to life, we covered a typical desk of a fashion designer in white – symbolising a world that focuses on the glitz and the glamour. Then we painted a black spotlight in the middle and placed our unaltered merchandise there. Through this juxtaposition, we demonstrated that the ones who stayed true to themselves were the ones who really stood out. 
Copywriter: Joanna Ortega
Art Director: Dominic Ho
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