Clients: Singapore Tourism Board and Sentosa
Project: Epic Adventures From The Island Beyond 
Live your childhood dreams of adventure on the action-packed island of Sentosa. 
In late 2018, Singapore Tourism Board and Sentosa Development Corporation collaborated to market Sentosa as the premier vacation destination in Southeast Asia for young families. 
We needed to create a campaign that would appeal to a family's sense of adventure – not just the kids, but the parents as well. 
So, based on the insight that the young parents of these families grew up reading adventure classics such as The Famous Five, we designed a regional campaign to look and sound like these books. Through this, we were able to position Sentosa as an island where you can bring your childhood dreams of adventure to life. 
The campaign appeared in newspapers across Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as in brochures, in-flight magazine, social media posts, digital banners, and a dedicated website. The concept was even adapted into a regional game show on social media. ​​​​​​​​​​​​
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